Benefits of Using a Freight Exchange

Freight exchange is a service offered by haulage organizations, clearing and forwarding companies and logistic providers to find out what freight is available so they can advertise their available capacity. They will essentially look for available opportunities and let the seekers know that they have capacity to do the job. This deviates from traditional methods where haulage companies would just deliver what they had and return with empty trucks.

The main reason for freight exchange is to make use of otherwise idle capacity on their return trips. The company not only makes some profit, but it also reduces its carbon emissions.

Easy for International Companies

International business is quite difficult as one would have to find a haulage company with knowledge is the destination’s laws and regulations as far as delivery of goods is concerned. Language barrier has also been a hurdle for most entities and this is eliminated by freight exchange.

Take, for instance, a delivery truck making its way to Italy from Netherlands for a delivery. A company that has a delivery to make in Netherlands would find it easier to work with this hauler who knows Netherlands quite well and who is aware of the legal requirements. The cost would also be reasonably lower.

Various Options

Options are always good especially when they could save you some money. Originally, most haulage companies required contracts to do business but that has changed. If you can get a reliable source of transport online, then you could save a pretty penny in exorbitant contractual obligations. While long-term relationships are great for reliability and safety, they can be a tad expensive especially when you only need one-way delivery.

Find Delivery Work Easily

The only reason most delivery companies will even look online is the expansive opportunities available there. For a minimal fee, you get access to as many freight jobs as possible so that your delivery vans don’t come back empty. You get to choose the right freight depending on rates, size, and route. There are literally thousands of freight available every day and so the service just makes it easy for both service seekers and providers to find what they want.

Save Money and Time

Without freight exchange, a service provider would have to make tens of phone calls to get the right job. The service seeker would also have to dig deep into the interwebs to find the right party to work with depending on route, rates, and load. With freight exchange, they only need to go online and choose depending on what they can offer, which saves everyone time and money.

Long-term Business

If a truck makes deliveries to Italy from the Netherlands consistently – say bi-monthly – and another needs delivery to The Netherlands once or twice a month and at the same time, then the two could come into a long-term agreement. This win-win situation would be beneficial to the two expenses-wise and they would both benefit from the trust already created.

The internet is changing the way we do things and so freight exchange is certainly the future of clearing and forwarding.