Available trucks: Looking for loads

Are you a fleet owner looking to find your next client? Is finding a load proving to be a challenge?

Small and upcoming trucking companies are often forced out of freight transport because of the inability to find clients. Transport is a competitive field, and finding clients can be difficult, especially for companies without an already established base.

Large companies can afford to take lower pay than new truckers, due to their reduced marginal costs. The result is cut-throat competition for every available opportunity.

Before you start looking for loads, you should develop a long term strategy for attracting clients. You could consider clients who are reasonable, pays quickly, pays well, has convenient destinations, is a large shipper and values the quality of service over the price some of the time.

So, how do you go about finding a load for your truck?

Consider the load boards

Load boards are online forums that link prospective clients with trucking companies. On the load board, a client may post the details of their load and the expected cost. Trucking companies compete for these loads. Some load boards include Direct Freight Services, DAT MembersEdge, DAT and 123Loadboard.

Load boards are competitive. Aside from offering low prices, you should employ strategies that will improve your visibility to the clients such as posting your truck and widening the scope of your searches.

You can give your company the competitive edge it needs by leaving branded company merchandise at the shippers, which will enable some brand recognition on the clients’ part.

Look for more permanent options

Competitive load boards are a difficult source of loads, especially for a relatively new trucker. While they may be a viable resource to help your company establish a starting point, they do not provide long term solutions to finding your next load. Once a shipment is done, you must compete for your next load.

In order to find loads consistently, you could consider following a different approach to the load board. You could contact clients you have worked with before and offer freight services to them directly. The competition is reduced, and the likelihood of future loads will increase with every load that your company ships well. This method is resource friendly.

A strategic plan for attracting clients will help you identify your target market. By understanding your prospective clients, you could target industry groups that list them. This will help you get access to a wider client pool, which will increase the likelihood of your truck getting loads.

You may also consider the government as a potential client. Different departments move freight regularly. By exploring these niches and offering your services, you could be well placed to receive regular loads.

It is important to retain your existing clients. It is difficult to find new clients who may be willing to enter into long-term freight agreements with you. If you retain your existing clients, you will be better placed to get loads. You can ensure the clients are satisfied by delivering to their expectations always.